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Our team at Pacific Northwest Consulting is small, but mighty. The three of us bring more than 75 years of combined industry experience to the table. That means you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be tapping into decades of wisdom and knowledge, while also enjoying that personal feel of actually knowing who you’re working with from the beginning of any project to the end.

Pac NW Consulting Team Photo
Bob Jensen Headshot
Robert JensenPrincipal | Senior Project Manager
Robert founded Pacific Northwest Consulting in 2005, after 26 years in the industry. Starting off as a heavy equipment operator in 1979, Robert worked his way up and eventually decided to branch off on his own as a consultant to help others run projects smoothly.

Being the owner and senior project manager for a small firm means he gets to work with clients and employees on many levels, which keeps things interesting. Both roles have him forecasting and maintaining project work loads, budgets and cash flow, and scheduling, and also offering guidance.

He is there to deal with the paperwork—reviewing RFIs (requests for information), PRs (proposal requests), and change orders—and also to schedule projects, evaluate estimates, and advise the client on what to expect in the process, including planning for contingencies.

The most common problem he sees when clients come to him with projects? Budgeting. He says that many clients create a budget with the best case scenario in mind, so he works with owners and developers to build unknowns into the project cost.

“There are changes to every project, and (clients) need to have the proper amount of contingency to cover adds, upgrades, and the unknowns of the site or existing structures,” he says.

The most inspirational work moments for Robert are seeing the grand opening of a project just completed.

Getting to Know Robert

Best Advice
Robert has two favorite pieces of advice.
“Work hard each day, be honest with your boss as well as yourself, and give praise to God.” —Robert’s father

“Do a good job for your clients and they will tell 10 people. Do a bad job and they will tell 100 people!”

Where to Find Robert When He’s Not Working
Remodeling his family home and woodworking—building furniture and other items. If he’s on vacation, he loves to travel to the Hawaiian islands.

Favorite Movie/TV Show
“What Dreams May Come” starring Robin Williams
“Yellowstone” series (2018-present) by Paramount/Peacock

Favorite Book Series
The Killing Series by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard
“Killing Jesus” | “Killing Kennedy” | “Killing Lincoln” | etc.

Bella Rose, the Spanish Water Dog

Tracy Powell Headshot
Tracy PowellAccountant
Tracy joined Pacific Northwest Consulting in 2010, and has been handling all accounting duties for the company ever since. In addition to managing payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and financial statements, Tracy is always sure to lend a helping hand when office needs arise.

She knows that well-managed finances allow the company to succeed and serve clients well.

“Producing and maintaining accurate and reliable accounting records so that the company can thrive and continue to grow” is what Tracy says she finds most inspiring about her job.

Getting to Know Tracy

Where to Find Tracy When She’s Not Working at Pacific Northwest Consulting
Working with animals—Tracy is the president of a nonprofit animal rescue, The Heart of Rescue. They rescue dogs (and also occasionally cats) from high kill animal shelters to rehabilitate and rehome them.

Tracy is mother to two grown and successful kids, and she enjoys spending time with her mom and sister.

It’s a full house—three dogs, three cats, and multiple foster dogs!

Lindsay Jensen Headshot
Lindsay JensenProject Manager | Marketing Admin | Office Manager
Lindsay joined Pacific Northwest Consulting in 2014 because it’s work that runs in her blood. She followed her dad’s footsteps into the industry, having watched him manage complex projects and seeing his satisfaction looking at a completed building or remodel for years.

Today, she gets involved in the detail work, overseeing day-to-day activities at job sites as well as the office. She works with the team to manage schedules, ensure proper record keeping, review budgets, and handle change orders, and makes sure everything is coordinated in and out of the office. Lindsay also wears a marketing hat at times, doing market research and managing the website.

Her favorite part of the job is seeing it all come together.

“It takes a lot of people, start to finish, to get a project done,” she says. “Seeing the ending stages where you can see the cumulative effort of everyone involved is so rewarding.”

Getting to Know Lindsay

Where to Find Lindsay When She’s Not Working
Doing anything car related—Lindsay is slowly restoring a ’77 Celica, and she enjoys off-roading in her 4Runner.

Favorite TV Series
“The Office”

Favorite Travel Spot
The islands are where it’s at. Her favorite place she’s been is the big island of Hawaii, and Lindsay says she aspires to go to Scotland and Ireland someday.

Her furbaby, Ellie